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At SNRKLBR, we love to create. To create is to share your soul with the world, and we are so lucky to live in a time and a place where we have the resources and freedom to share ourselves so easily.

Fashion Pollution

We also live in a time that we can see the detrimental effects our creations have on the world.  The fashion industry is one of the worst polluters, with hundreds of thousands of worn out (or never worn) garments ending up in landfill every year, due to an endless cycle of fashion that is getting faster, made with bad quality materials.

We use only high quality fabrics and hardware and have quality control procedures in place to ensure that each of our pieces are made to last.  We don't follow fast fashion trends, instead designing unique pieces intended to be treasured season after season. 


On top of the fast fashion problem, microfibres (tiny strands of synthetic fabric) from our clothes (and swimwear) are washed from our washing machines back into our oceans and streams, where they stay, not breaking down for hundreds of years.  Fish and other sea life mistake it for food, and in many cases, these microfibres make it back up the food chain and onto our plate, and into our tap water and bottled water.  

SNRKLBR does not claim to solve the microfibres problem, unfortunately (as much as we wish we did!) but we are excited to announce that we now stock the Guppyfriend! Our favorite new bag is designed to catch microfibres before they are released into our waterways, in our own effort to combat the microfibres problem. You can purchase your very own Guppyfriend here and for more information on how it works take a look here.

Our Fabrics

It is important to us that all of our fabrics are sustainable, in that they reduce, reuse, or recycle in some way.  Our range of fabrics includes:

Deadstock and vintage deadstock, defined below.

Deadstock literally means “dead stock” – stock that was produced but never sold or, in the case of deadstock fabrics, never made into garments.

VINTAGE deadstock is stock that was produced in a bygone era (e.g. 60s/70s/etc). Our vintage deadstock fabrics were produced and printed or woven in the 80s and 90s in Australia. The textile designs are not our own but are vintage originals, designed by some very talented individuals who continue to inspire us.

ECONYL ® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic rescued from all over the world. It's exactly the same as virgin nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded infinitely. This means we create new products without using new resources. 

Packaging and Recycling

As well as using regenerated nylon to make our suits, we are moving towards being a plastic-free business.  We use: 

  • Tissue paper made by Noissue Tissue to wrap customer orders, instead of plastic bikini bags;
  • Compostable mailers, made by Better Packaging Co, to send customer and wholesale orders;
  • Any plastics we can't avoid are recycled either via our local collection service, or a soft plastics recycling initiative at our local supermarket, so no plastic ends up in landfill.  (You can read more about the supermarket initiative here).  

Carbon Neutral Couriers

Where possible, we elect to use carbon-neutral delivery services.  At this stage, over 80% of orders are delivered carbon neutrally and this percentage will grow as our couriers continue to expand their service delivery areas.  


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